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Best Taxidermy You Can Wear San Francisco 2011 - Loved to Death

Loved to Death

Loved to Death

1681 Haight

San Francisco, CA 94117


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When you notice the chandelier made of human bones in the window, you'll know you've found Loved to Death. Inside the store is an impressive and Goth-inspired array of skulls, teeth, feathers, and miscellaneous body parts of any bird, insect, or four-legged creature you can imagine. Recent arrivals included an albino raccoon ($525) and a squirrel riding a hare, rodeo-style, which at $650 is a steal. Rotating upstairs art exhibits include a random blue velvet casket and a warning sign: "Please don't touch the art or you will lose a finger." Then there's our favorite part: the dead-animal accessories and jewelry. Are you coveting an elk tooth or bat wing necklace? How about a brown recluse spider glow ring ($95) or black fox-hair earrings ($70)? If there's a dead animal you want to wear, chances are that Loved to Death co-owner Audra can meet your creepy request.

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Congrats! They so deserve this reward. With the onslaught of copycats out there, it is fantastic that the original store gets the credit!


Wonderful exhibit !! Some really exciting things to see and buy. One of my favorite stores in SF. A must see........

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