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Best Walking Tour San Francisco 2011 - ForageSF Wild Seafood Tour with Kirk Lombard

Ever heard of candlefish? Limpets? Monkeyface eels? These intriguing local marine species and more will seem familiar friends after two hours with fishing guru Kirk Lombard on ForageSF's wild seafood walk. Lombard, a rock musician who spent seven years as a fisheries monitor with the state Department of Fish and Game, combines a knack for performance with encyclopedic knowledge of all things fish-related. For $30, you'll learn the basics of recreational crabbing, poke-poling — an addictive pastime that involves shoving a bamboo stick into intertidal rock crevices and, if you're lucky, catching some tasty rockfish — and clam-digging, as well as recipe tips to deploy once you've brought home your haul. In San Francisco, a historic fishing city, it can be easy to forget our proximity to the ocean. Lombard and ForageSF will help revive your inner fisherman, with tasty results.

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This is the best and most entertaining tour ever.

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