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Best Wax San Francisco 2011 - Bernal Heights Nail Care

Bernal Heights Nail Care

Bernal Heights Nail Care

430 Cortland

San Francisco, CA 94110


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There are some things you absolutely should not do yourself. But who to permit to cover your nether regions with hot wax? All we can say is nobody does it better than Mai at Bernal Heights Nails Care. She's a cute little lady who has been waxing in Bernal Heights for more than a decade. Not only will Mai rip your shrubs out so fast that they'll tickle, she'll smile and make small talk with you the whole time. You leave happy and hairless for $25.

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nails Perth
nails Perth

Hi,Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information. I really glad to read this blog...:(


waxing all of this area can be hard to reach. So you will be exposed from the waist down, & be asked to lift your legs & possibly get on your knees. True professionals will make you feel relaxed & keep you as comfortable as feasible in the work of the technique.

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