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Best Way to Drink Like You're at a Bar (at Home) San Francisco 2011 - H.M.S. Cocktails, Rye on the Road

Most house parties require little more than Costco-sized bottles of vodka, gin, and tonic water; put some ice in a bowl next to a stack of red plastic cups and you're set. For situations where you need a real bar, bartenders turned cocktail caterers Rye on the Road and H.M.S. Cocktails free you to be a host and mingle while enjoying drinks you'd get at one of San Francisco's finest saloons. H.M.S. is headed up by H. Joseph Ehrmann (Elixir), Marcovaldo Dionysos (Smuggler's Cove), and Scott Beattie (Spoonbar), who deliver a diverse and delicious range of cocktail styles. Rye on the Road, from Greg Lindgren and Jon Gasparini (of Rye, Rosewood, and 15 Romolo), can provide small, portable bars for your party. Both groups let you focus on the more important people and occasion at hand.

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So does Cent' Anni Cocktails..actually been in business for 5 years..Done several events in San Francisco mostly cater to private

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