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Best Alternative to Overpriced Bars San Francisco 2012 - Dave's



29 Third St.( at Market)

San Francisco, CA 94103


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Dave's defies easy description, sitting somewhere between dive bar, sports bar, hole-in-the-wall, after-work hangout, and late-night haunt. Somehow, it's all and none of these at once. It provides sanctuary for those overdosed on the upscale. Along with its recession-friendly prices, Dave's has an old-fashioned, unpretentious vibe, complete with friendly, no-nonsense bartenders who seem to read minds when it comes to refilling your drink or saving you from an awkward conversation. So trade in your heels for sneakers, replace your hipster costume with a baseball cap, plop yourself down on a stool, and order a beer and a shot. Dave's is the ideal place to get a little blurry-eyed and meet some new friends, the kind of joint that makes you forget your problems and the plans you had for the rest of the night — and the last BART home — because you're having too good a time.

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