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Best Antisocial Online Community Consultant San Francisco 2012 - Derek Powazek of Fertile Medium and Fray

If author/editor/tech consultant Derek Powazek had a magic button that allowed him to silence the crazies he met on the street, you bet your API he'd use it — but for the common good. On Twitter, you're allowed one strike before Powazek (@fraying) removes himself from your conversation. Make a lame joke or ask a question you could have Googled, and bam!, you're banished from talking to him. Seem a bit harsh for a first-time offender? Powazek — who consults for Etsy, HP, and others — says it's about celebrating the good and punishing the bad. "The default setup of a lot of systems is almost designed to encourage bad behavior," he says. "One screamer can ruin a conversation." And that's true #IRL. "The difference is, online, people feel protected and are more likely to act out. You can observe the same behavior from people in cars, too." So it's Powazek's goal to create better online systems to foster good contributions and diffuse the bad. When he consults, he advises companies to be "half pied piper, a quarter ship's counselor, and a quarter beat cop." His goal: to turn online into something smart, something that can't be measured by "likes" and retweets, something of legitimate social consequence.

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oh "checkit"-- there's that *lovely* juvenile ID. sounds like someone has a personal vendetta & is too chicken shit to use their real name.

and it's clear "chatstew" doesn't understand how the best of works... you don't vote, but here's the reader polls you were looking for:


At least he has time to sit around all day and night and vote for himself.

Check it
Check it

Get real. Derek silences before he is silenced. He is annoying, far less knowledgeable than he thinks, and often just plain rude.

He holes up in his apartments with his plants, his anger and his front and preaches and hates. He and his wife are angry, desperate to be hip editors.

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