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Best Comedy Institution San Francisco 2012 - SF Sketchfest

Like an impossibly rich seven-layer cake, SF Sketchfest is top-to-bottom wonderful even though there's no way you'll ever taste all of it. When the schedule is released each December, we immediately start strategizing: Can we see three shows in one night? Can we skip out of work early to see John Hodgman with guest Dana Gould doing a bit as Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes? Is it okay to miss a nephew's bar mitzvah to catch back-to-back podcast sessions with Greg Proops and Marc Maron? This is a small sampling of the dilemmas we face every year. But don't worry: Sketchfest is worth ditching work and once-in-a-lifetime rites of passage. At the 2012 event in January and February, we saw all of the above names, plus Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bobcat Goldthwait, Chris Elliott, the casts of Reno: 911! and The State, Reggie Watts, Jen Kirkman, Eddie Pepitone, and dozens more. By the way, SF Sketchfest is the best place in the city to play hide-and-seek with Robin Williams: You never know where he's going to show up, but he inevitably does.

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