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Best Fighting Alternative to Expensive Gyms San Francisco 2012 - Boxing Classes at Mission Recreation Center

Boxing Classes at Mission Recreation Center

2450 Harrison St.

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Get in shape, drop weight, and become an Olympic fighter. Why not? Raquel Miller did it. The Bayview native began boxing just a few years ago, doling out $8 per class at a public gym in the Mission to learn the skills that took her to training camp for the U.S. Olympic women's boxing team. The jabs, hooks, and slips taught by area Golden Gloves winners have taken Miller to tournaments in China and across the country, but the MRC welcomes chumps as well as champs to wrap up their fists and pull on a set of gloves. Unlike the city's other boxing gyms, this is no expensive boot camp. Instead, this is fight science. The low barrier for entry means anyone can have a fighting chance; the high probability of immediate physical reward will keep you returning until you're ready for the ring.

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