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Best Fun Way to Break a Limb San Francisco 2012 - Billy Goat Hill Rope Swing

Billy Goat Hill Rope Swing

Billy Goat Hill Rope Swing

300 Beacon St.

San Francisco, CA 94131


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Eucalyptus trees are the rebels and outcasts of our plant community. Originally from Australia, the trees have systematically pushed out and dominated San Francisco's native species, causing ecological terror and chaos. The madness hasn't stopped here. In the process of taking over, one particular eucalyptus tree has taken its DGAF attitude to the next level — meet the Rope Swing at Billy Goat Hill. Sitting solo on the outermost edge of the hill, the tree offers a lovely view of downtown San Francisco and a rope with a single loop. The tree just begs us to slide our foot into the rope, kick off the edge of the hill, and ride the wind — as we descend toward possible death. Sometimes a smart Samaritan will cut down the rope in hopes of protecting good people from risking their necks, but that rope is always replaced, almost as if the eucalyptuses want it that way.

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Who writes this drivel? Leave the rope swing where it's been for 30 years. Remove the fences and let the place grow wild, a place for kids to run around and ride bikes on trails, run through hillsides, play with their dogs. Must ever corner with undiscovered, unkempt wild plants have to turn into a manicured gardens?

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