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Best Naked Literary Event San Francisco 2012 - Naked Girls Reading

In a city abundant with lit events and reading series, how do literary folks attract a new audience? By remembering that you can't spell "literature" without T and A. Naked Girls Reading series is a group of literary buffs who disrobe in public each month to honor the classics in shows arranged under such heady themes as Pride, Fairy Tails, Banned Books, and Girls Gone Oscar Wilde. The series originated in Chicago in 2009 and has expanded to more than 10 cities, with famed burlesque performer Lady Monster heading the San Francisco chapter and cooking up events at Stage Werx and the Brava Theater. Even with the tongue-in-cheek nods, Naked Girls Reading is nothing seedy or pretentious. Instead, the goal is to demonstrate how beautiful a naked woman's body can be, in repose, book in hand (or on lap, or wherever), and how safe and intimate such a combination can be, even in front of a crowd.

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