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Best Palm Broker San Francisco 2012 - Jason Dewees

The chain link fence at Dolores Park has come down, and the luxurious new playground is ready beneath the fanned fronds of the palm trees, a play space not unlike a tropical island. Such palms are the quintessential image of relaxation and luxury. But horticulturist Jason Dewees might have fallen in love with the plant for the nomenclature alone. "Ceroxylon quindiuense," he says, identifying a leaf, the name rolling off his tongue like a poem he treasures. Or: "Rhopalostylis baueri." Identifying the best palms for chilly temperatures, he writes on, "Waggies are very cold-hardy, easily tolerating freezing temperatures and looking beautiful etched in frost." Of this project, he says: "From the street, a peek at the trees over the parapet hints at the lushness felt when you're ensconced in the terrace garden." Dewees' aesthetic and influence can be seen throughout the city, having consulted with the landscape architects at Dolores Park, the California Academy of Sciences, and the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

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