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Best Park You Might Have Missed San Francisco 2012 - Sutro Heights Park

Sutro Heights Park occupies the former estate of onetime San Francisco Mayor Adolph Sutro, who built the bathhouse just across Point Lobos and once owned one-twelfth of all the land in the city. The guy had taste. From this grassy overlook, you can gaze down along the Great Highway, straight out to the Farallon Islands, or north to Marin County. Wander the 20-odd acres and you'll encounter additional clues to the land's former life: tiles indicating the floor of the old flower conservatory; the remaining two statues of the 200 there in Sutro's day; a crumbling sandstone parapet. The whole place feels both groomed and forgotten, like the set of some Italian film from the 1950s. Plus, the crazy-person factor is remarkably low, so don't hesitate to settle in and take a nap.

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