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Best Place to Hang Out with Strippers without Going to a Strip Club San Francisco 2012 - Vesuvio Cafe

Vesuvio Cafe

Vesuvio Cafe

255 Columbus

San Francisco, CA 94133


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Vesuvio is a great spot to get a drink or three at any hour, and if the décor doesn't immediately get you in the mood to celebrate its Beat past, then perhaps house drinks like the Jack Kerouac (rum, tequila, orange or cranberry juice, and lime) or Bohemian Coffee (brandy, Amaretto, and lemon) will do the trick. But arguably the best time to patronize the bar is 6 a.m., a truly momentous hour for the heartiest of social drinkers: It's the first moment in the day that a California bar can legally serve a drink. But it gets better: Vesuvio's proximity to North Beach's strip joints — including the Hustler Club, which stays open until 6 a.m. on Friday and Saturday — means that on bright-and-early visits you'll likely encounter off-duty dancers enjoying their downtime with some cocktails, a much more playful crowd than the usual beer-for-breakfasters.

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