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Best Pub Quiz San Francisco 2012 - Fishbowl Bar & Grill

Fishbowl Bar & Grill

Fishbowl Bar & Grill

1854 Divisadero

San Francisco, CA 94115


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Nobody cares that you can ID every Game of Thrones bannerman, have an encyclopedic knowledge of Motown B-sides, and quote the Kardashians' latest tweets verbatim. Nobody important, anyway, which is why such ridiculous topics aren't part of Fishbowl's bar trivia. Instead, San Francisco native and emerging sportscaster Scott Armstrong brings to the quiz table a never-mundane mix of questions that teases, pleases, and leads to fabulous prizes such as a free round of drinks ? or more trivia! Intimate knowledge of facts obvious and obscure is rewarded. What will the mystery category be this week? Religion, politics, or celebrities named Stephen? And remember, it's not who you know, it's what the people you bring to bar trivia know, so pick your team wisely, and savor the sweet taste that only besting another pack of drunks at Monday night bar knowledge brings.

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Are you kidding me, this is one of the worst trivia nights ever. I like the fishbowl but unless they fired the trivia recently it sucks.

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