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Best Racial Humor You Don't Feel Guilty Laughing At San Francisco 2012 - Kaseem Bentley

The enormity of Kaseem Bentley's self-image is personified in the meticulous three-piece suit and the gigantic, patronizing, bright white smile he wears to every show. ("I look like a black public defense lawyer who's never won a case," he declared a while back.) He explodes onto a stage without a pause for breath between his first word and his last, berating audiences with his signature "insult comedy" honed on the Bay Area's diverse and international crowds. He can riff with the best of them, often performing a set of only about half written material — the rest he whips up on the spot, inspired by the nearest audience members. He touches on racial stereotypes without being racist. He challenge conventions of being nice or PC on stage, yet he is able to keep the audience on his side by turning the insults as much on himself — and, of course, keeping them funny.

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Paul Brumbaugh
Paul Brumbaugh

Kaseem is the contemporary Don Rickles in a couple different ways... 1st he's a comics comic!... when he hits the stage everyone comes out of the woodwork just to listen to his set... 2nd , a lot of us feel if Kaseem hasn't insulted you during one of his sets ... you real havn't made it in our comedy scene in the bay!.. He seems to see the persons inner self & then exploit the hell out of it! Great job Kaseem.

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