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Best Shawarma San Francisco 2012 - Old Jerusalem Restaurant

Old Jerusalem Restaurant

Old Jerusalem Restaurant

2976 Mission St.

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Beans, rice, meat; beans, rice, meat. Face it: Burritos get tired faster than you do pedaling that wrong-geared fixie up Valencia Street. Why not break the vicious carnitas cycle while satisfying your jones for protein wrapped in carbs with the OG meal wrap? Spices like curry give kick to the earthy goodness of tahini sauce, all rounded out by the soothing smoothness of yogurt and crunch of cucumber. You get your pick of lamb, beef, or chicken, but none is a mere vessel for the sauce. The full menu — spicy falafel — is available on the go wrapped in foil, but true believers will sit down for a meal including warm, fluffy pita, pickled turnips, a selection of olives, and a starter of the lentil soup, served to background music best described as "Tel Aviv dance party."

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