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Best Solo Performer San Francisco 2012 - Kirk Read

Kirk Read — the accomplished writer and activist who co-produces the performance series Smack Dab and co-produced the K'vetsh reading series that ran in San Francisco for 15 years — is the only person on the planet who can tell a story about being fisted by a trucker in a big-rig parked off a North Carolina interstate and make it touching. We dare anyone to prove us wrong. That's how much we believe in Kirk Read. To be fair, we're lucky in San Francisco to have a small group of solo performers who can't seem to miss no matter how often they take the stage. They share the dramatic — and traumatic — from their lives, surprising and scaring us, but also showing us that we're not that different from one another. Read does all this while upsetting our expectations and holding the funhouse mirror to everything we ever thought was true. This innocent-faced, polite, well-spoken Southern boy with a charming accent talks like the world's biggest pervert and makes us want to come along on whatever ride he's found.

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