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Best Use of Candy During a Professional Football Game San Francisco 2012 - 49ers Fan Feeding Skittles to Larry Grant

Christmas Eve. The 49ers needed a win for a first-round bye in the playoffs. Up by two with less than 90 seconds left, they had let Seattle drive to the 36 yard line and game-winning field goal range. Seahawks star running back and Oakland native Marshawn Lynch had ripped apart the Niners' defense all game, rushing for 107 years and becoming the first man to score a rushing touchdown against the Giants all season. To celebrate, Seahawks fans had showered the turf with Skittles — a tradition ever since the world saw him munching the candy on the sidelines earlier that season — so now, at 3rd and 3 with the game on the line, those Seahawk fans were in frenzy mode. But as Seattle quarterback Tavaris Jackson scrambled out of the pocket and dashed for the down marker, 49ers linebacker Larry Grant closed in from behind and knocked the ball from his grip. The 49ers recovered the fumble and won the game. Grant ran to the sidelines, arms waving in jubilation, and he ended up in front of a small pack of 49er fans in the front row. One of them, a heavyset man in a Michael Crabtree jersey, clutched a bag of Skittles in his right hand. He reached his arm over the railing and shook out the contents. Grant tilted his head to the sky and tasted the rainbow.

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