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Best Vietnamese Sandwich San Francisco 2012 - Irving Café & Deli

Irving Café & Deli

2146 Irving

San Francisco, CA 94122


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People could argue about the best Vietnamese sandwich for at least as long as the Vietnam War itself. And if they ever stop, this homey cubicle will still be our favorite, beating out places that are less consistent and more crowded. A chief draw here is the bread: It's sweet, tender, chewy, and riddled with holes for hiding that funky mayonnaise, and, for 50 cents extra, a light and complex paté. The ratio of fillings varies a little based on which nice food-prep lady you get, but generosity is the rule. Plus, the baguette sections, cut plenty long, beat individually baked baguettes, where the rounded corners mean less filling, less spread, and less sandwich overall. Pricing is as it should be — dirt cheap — and the meats are excellent: pork, chicken, meatball, it's all good. Oh, and if you're craving a bubble-tea accompaniment, there's a tea shop in any direction.

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