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Best Vintage Fanzine Store San Francisco 2012 - Goteblüd


766 Valencia St.

San Francisco, CA 94110

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Boasting the largest collection of vintage fanzines and related paper ephemera in San Francisco, Goteblüd is the rare newer business that actually contributes to the Mission's artistic character and legacy. Once visitors are buzzed in to the clandestine nook off Valencia Street, they are greeted by the owner, Matt Wobensmith, founder of Outpunk Records and former publisher of the zine of the same name. His zeal for the collection — much of which is zines that friends had planned to chuck — is perhaps the store's most endearing characteristic. Most of the zines are inexpensive, although copies of coveted early punk fanzines like Flipside and Slash command hundreds of dollars. There isn't a trace of the collector mentality at Goteblüd, though. Wobensmith will allow visitors to handle even the most valuable zines, as he places the value more on their content than their monetary value. In fact, Goteblüd functions as much a resource as a store. Wobensmith offers the collection as an archive for patrons to browse, giving them the chance to savor music and art that hasn't been digitized but can still be gleaned from Xeroxed pamphlets and faded newsprint.

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