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Best Vintage Worth Saving Up For San Francisco 2012 - La Rosa Vintage

La Rosa Vintage

1711 Haight St

San Francisco, CA 94117


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La Rosa has the vintage collection everyone with a seriously nostalgic fashion sense dreams of. The gorgeously curated shop has a museum-like feel, offering pieces well worth emptying your savings account for: classic Chanel jewelry, or tooled leather pumps without a scuff on their soles. A favorite stop for retro-fashion icon Dita Von Teese, this little shop has much more to offer than its unassuming storefront suggests. When you've hoarded all your spare change, your year-end bonus, and your birthday money, go splurge on a wedding suit or engagement party dress. And don't forget to check the label — you might be investing in your first piece of couture.

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Vintage has always been such a worthy buy since a long time ago. People are willing to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars for classy looking apparels, shoes and bags that were once made famous during the era when our parents or grandparents used to grow up wearing. This store is a great pitstop with the added vintage ambience that the owners have made an effort to include, which is through the gorgeous museum-like decor. I wonder if they have any Franc Vila range, which is a modern watch series that inculcates elements of the classic past.

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