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Best Voice of Reason in City Hall San Francisco 2012 - Sean Elsbernd

Is San Francisco a place for the world's lunatic fringe, the ever-kookier offspring of the 20th century's most off-kilter? Or should San Francisco be for the San Franciscans, the native sons and daughters of common sense and decency, who in any other city would be considered off the wall, but in their own hometown come off as sticks in the political mud? Welcome to the world of westside native Sean Elsbernd, who this year wraps up two terms on the Board of Supervisors, a tenure marked by sheer exasperation with the insanity around him. The westside supervisor is a moderate who doesn't always side with downtown's projects, and an enemy of the progressives who will vote in step with the city's lefties if the policy is sound. A dedication to the bottom line — as in, doing his best to make sure the city isn't spending more money than it's taking in — has earned the pragmatic-if-prickly Elsbernd the role of de facto fiscal hawk, and when taking a contrarian position from the city's progressives, he always presents a cogent case. Thanks for the memories, Sean.

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