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Best Volunteer-Run Punk Rock Record Store San Francisco 2012 - Thrillhouse Records

Thrillhouse Records

Thrillhouse Records

3422 Mission

San Francisco, CA 94110


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As both a record label and retail store, Thrillhouse Records operates with tireless commitment to the independent, DIY ethic. The shop's vast record selection, focused on punk, hardcore, and garage, is strictly ordered through independent distributors with careful curatorial discretion by the volunteer staff. There are no major label titles stocked at Thrillhouse. Instead, the inventory revolves around the limited releases of independent labels that shirk traditional means of distribution and self-promotion. Thrillhouse is also of pivotal significance to San Francisco's punk community. As a label, it has facilitated the release of records by numerous local acts, and actively organizes shows featuring touring and local bands. The store's selection showcases local music and fanzines, which the staff is happy to peddle. Considering the financial plight of record stores, it's all the more impressive that Thrillhouse has flourished, and its obstinate independence is a testament to San Francisco's enduring punk community.

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