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Best Way to Get Contemplatively Lost San Francisco 2012 - Looking for the Labyrinth at Land's End

Obviously the Labyrinth at Land's End inside Golden Gate National Park Conservancy exists. There's proof all over the Internet! Artist Eduardo Aguilera says he created it! But just try finding the damn thing. Yes, it's nestled somewhere among the rocky coastline at Land's End, between one stunning view and another. And yes, there's only so many lovely paths to wander down. But no matter how much prep-work you do, finding this is like life itself: You never really know until you're there. So leave plenty early, come with a good map, and hope for the best. Cell phone service dies on that side of the hill, and it's very easy to get all turned around, and there's rumors of a really bitchy mountain lion (not true). It seems very possible that the whole thing is a hoax by Aguilera to teach new-agers a lesson about expectations. Not finding something, you appreciate it even more. Hunting for the Labyrinth: the new Labyrinth!
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