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Band Most Likely to Become a Circus San Francisco 2013 - Gooferman

The self-proclaimed "kings of klown-fi" have gone through an awful lot of pancake makeup since forming in San Francisco in 2001. The liberal use of white faces and red accents might draw a lot of visual comparisons to the slightly sinister Midwest act Insane Clown Posse. But sonically, Gooferman is much more from the school of Red Hot Chili Peppers punk funk, albeit balanced atop circus pillars. The band already has a motley crew of circus performers who enhance the live shows, and Gooferman has held down the stage at large-scale music events like Burning Man, Electric Daisy Carnival, Bumbershoot, and Lightning in a Bottle. All that's really needed now are a couple of elephants and a lion to complete the traveling circus feel.

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