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Best Actual Circus Performer in a Dramatic Role San Francisco 2013 - Ben Johnson as Lucky in Marin Theatre Company's Waiting for Godot

As Samuel Beckett's slave character, the Ringling Bros.-trained performer made every breath have the force of a locomotive lurching forward. In motion, he seemed to stretch and slacken his body. Johnson cleverly suggested that such is the weight of the world in this play; it makes man devolve from primate to serpent. Each time Johnson got up after being whipped down, standing and balancing was a discovery, as if he truly were new to the species. Yet when Johnson spoke (and in the entire play, he's only permitted to for a couple of minutes), he made one of drama's most famously absurd monologues sound downright sensible. He was an animated professor giving his favorite lecture. In one play, this performer's range encompassed much of human evolution.

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It's no secret to fans of BATS Improv in San Francisco that Ben Johnson is an incredible actor. Check their website,, for his performance dates.

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