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Best Adult Spectacle San Francisco 2013 - Redwood Room

Redwood Room

495 Geary

San Francisco, CA 94102


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A man stands alone, leaning against the Redwood Room's bar. A sexy woman, in a tight dress and six-inch heels, walks up to him. She's friendly, smiling, and eager to initiate conversation. This is how every man imagines a night at the bar to play out. Except here, it really happens. A lot. Like clockwork. Most men grin back confidently and might offer to buy the lady a drink. But other men keep serious demeanor like regulars. Sometimes the conversation ends after a few minutes and the two parts ways, the man going back to tinkering with his smart phone and the woman retreating to some mysterious location. And sometimes the pair exits the bar area — perhaps finding a seat in the Cliff Hotel's adjacent and empty lobby where couches are warmed by fireplace, or perhaps to who-knows-where.

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