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Best Cheerleader in Uniform San Francisco 2013 - Kent Bazemore

Even some of the most dedicated Warriors fans didn't know his name at first. But they did know his face. How could you not? Anyone watching an early season Dubs game saw the man conducting some of the most creative and passionate celebrations ever known to rock an NBA bench. He'd kneel down and shoot into the air three fingers from an outstretched arm when Klay Thompson hit a three-pointer. He'd jump back in mock disbelief when Harrison Barnes slammed in a ferocious dunk. He'd exaggeratedly stomp his feet and wave his towel when Steph Curry dropped in a circus layup. His name, it turned out, was Kent Bazemore. And the rookie's energy was so contagious that by mid-season, the Warriors bench looked like the kind you only see in March Madness.

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