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Best Consent-Based Nightclub Petting Zoo San Francisco 2013 - Frolic at the Stud

Frolic at the Stud

Frolic at the Stud

399 Ninth St.

San Francisco, CA 94103


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Bathed in black light and filled with colorful and glowing objects, DJ Neonbunny's monthly club Frolic is a mix of people (mostly but not wholly gay/boys) in full fursuits, others of assorted genders and persuasions in partial animal costumes, and plenty of non-costumed folks who are there to dance and rub and nuzzle with the fursuits — or do nothing but dance, as Neonbunny's sets always set tailfeathers a-shakin'. If you're a newbie to this joyous event, many fursuiters will be happy to let you dance with them and pet them. Just be sure to ask politely.

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Thanks for the recognition, the correct link to find out more about frolic would be (sfweekly, please update above!):


And a previous article written by another talented writer for the Weekly:

We welcome anyone who enjoys dressing up like an animal!  The gay part just happens to be that the Stud is one of the more open minded venues tolerant of different lifestyles, costumes, etc.  You won't find anything like this at one of those many exclusive straight clubs that won't let you in with tennis shoes and women are banned from wearing jeans!

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