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Best Film Festival by and for Sex Workers San Francisco 2013 - San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival

Founded in 1999 by "unrepentant whore" and activist Carol Leigh, the biennial San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival is the one of the longest-running of its kind. According to Leigh, it's rivaled only by one in Calcutta, founded in 1997. The festival, now in its eighth incarnation at the Center for Sex and Culture, includes an exploration of personal and political issues of sex workers around the world through film, lectures, and performances. The films include programs on transgender issues, Thailand, whore identities, and the use of "trafficking" to stigmatize sex work. For those in a more festive state of mind, multimedia artist Mariko Passion offered a Whorriffic Cabaret followed by a ride on the Popcorn Theatre Bus. The festival closed out with an event for sex workers only: a "Whore's Bath," where attendees treated themselves to some pampering with massage, mani-pedis, and Reiki treatments.

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OMG!  Thank you thank you thank you!  This is so sweet! I can't wait to tell everyone!

Love and condoms,

Scarlot Harlot

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