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Best Happy Hour Bar Crawl San Francisco 2013 - The Divisadero Corridor

Like a good basketball team, a good happy hour bar crawl required a range of components, each understanding and mastering its role. By that metric, the Divisadero Corridor is the '96 Chicago Bulls. Fly Bar is the initiator, a low-key spot with a solid beer selection, sake cocktails, cheap sangria, and an arsenal of mini pizzas — all marked down before 6:30 p.m. From there, you can craft a gameplan to your taste. Heavy cocktails? Head to 821. Feeling like whiskey? Tsunami Sushi Bar. Freshly squeezed mixed drinks? Lion's Pub way up the street, past Geary. Something divey? Stroll down to The Page. Every quality bar crawl, of course, needs it quick eats: Pizza at Stelladoro, burritos at El Rancho Grande or the The Little Chihuahua, burgers at Acme Burgerhaus, which also has $2 beers before 10 p.m. But, no worries, you can always dance off the calories at Madrone's.

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This is a great hat tip to a truly eclectic neighborhood, but it would have been better if you guys actually stopped by a visit before writing this. Lions Pub is not part of the Corridor, which is technically from Haight to McAllister (give or take a few blocks). No one here eats at El Rancho or Stelladoro unless totally sh*t faced (and we mean that in the best possible way). Acme is out of business, you can't ever even get a seat at Little Chihuahua and to call Page "divey" is overuse of a not-even-trendy-anymore term. You've left out Mini Bar, Bean Bag (original home of the $2 beers), Jay's Cheesesteak, Mojo's and Vinyl (and I'm probably leaving out more). Waziema doesn't open 'til 6, but they do have a Happy Hour, and afterwards, if you're not up for their cheap plates of Ethiopian food you can high-tail it to Popeyes, strategically placed across the street from upscale Nopa. That's the kind of stuff that make a Corridor great.

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