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Best Human Chandelier San Francisco 2013 - Elena Sanders

San Francisco must surely stand as a major battleground in the ever-escalating war among bars for sheer spectacle. Finding the right balance between absurdity and subtlety is somehow key. Elena Sanders knows this as well as anybody. She's the contortionist suspended from a ring betwixt the bars in Monarch, twisting and spinning in a quietly impressive performance that combines the best of things: athleticism, eroticism, and cocktails. Watching her contort and be generally stronger, prettier, and more lithe than yourself, you might also consider that the former Bostonian is also a fashion designer in the "steampunk" vein, meaning she may well be imagining, as she navigates through space, the bloomers and bodices of some weird tomorrow, after the Bar War is finally done.

Photo by Mike Hendrickson. Photo direction by Andrew Nilsen

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