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Best Local Hip-Hop Truth Serum San Francisco 2013 - The Coup

Oligarchs, capitalists, and coke-addled trust-fund brats, radical Oakland rap outfit the Coup is coming for you. Led by charismatic propagandist/MC Boots Riley, the group uses live instrumentation and electric wordplay to make hella fun songs about fighting the man: "Your Parents' Cocaine" is a goofy piano-and-kazoo anthem about the spoiled offspring of snow-sniffing WASPs, while "The Guillotine" reprises that most symbolic of execution tools to warn of would-be oppressors: "They got the TV/We got the truth/They own the judges/And we got the proof/We got hella people/They got helicopters." Both are off the Coup's latest, deservedly acclaimed album Sorry to Bother You, and both only work because Riley and crew believe in what they blurt. You don't have to be an Occupy radical to enjoy the Coup's music, but it's fun and powerful enough that it might turn you into one.
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