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Best Local Twitter Accounts San Francisco 2013 -

By Mike Billings

Certain celebrities, and maybe even your own friends, provide comedic relief through their Twitter accounts. But for a real dose of San Francisco-style humor on the social media network, you should follow these accounts.

Marina Girl
Description: This account is an amalgamation of everything stereotypical anyone could dream up about the Marina. Picture a single woman, wearing yoga pants while sipping a latte at brunch while discussing her previous night out bar hopping and the workout she is doing later to burn off the carbs from the meal.
Tweet: Feb 12: I mean, I don't always hang out in the Marina. For example, once, I went to the Kabuki for a screening of the Hangover 2

SF Muni Train
Description: If you think you see it all while riding on Muni trains, imagine how much the light-rail vehicles see for themselves. Now you can follow along for what the train would see, but beware: It's not always a pretty sight.
Tweet: June 9, 2011: Good Morning Twitter, who's up for getting to work late?

San Francisco BOS
Description: Politics in San Francisco has the long-running perception of farcical resolutions and divergences from important topics. This account skewers the topics of the day with a lighthearted approach to what our supervisors could do.
Tweet: April 21: We propose a new half-cent sales tax in San Francisco to fund the $18M garbage cleanup from the annual 420 celebration at Hippie Hill.

Transamerica Pyramid
Description: Love it or hate it, the point-topped building still is the tallest building in the city. And if you follow it, you can enjoy some of its pointed tweets.
Tweet: Nov. 15, 2012: Building porn is not what I thought it was

Karl The Fog
Description: He's the fog, and whether he is stalking the coast, taking over the city or sulking during the few warm days that come around each year, he has something to say about it. In addition, he shares photos of himself from Instagram.
Tweet: April 18: Use sunscreen this week. This is the longest you've been exposed to UV rays in awhile. I would know since I caused your pasty skin.

San Francisco Sun
Description: San Francisco is not known for its sun, especially in the summer months, so it tends to get overshadowed by the fog and clouds. But if you don't take warm, sunny days for granted, you should be following the sunshine, which also gives some good tips about when you may not be feeling so well.
Tweet: March 14: Lowering your expectations. See you this weekend #SanFrancisco

AT&T Park Seagulls
Description: They may evacuate all over the seats at the end of Giants games where they show up for food, but there is nothing crappy about the point of view of the famous gulls. Plus, they are giant Giants fans.
Tweet: May 5: Apologies. Those three seagulls on the field have no affiliation with us. They're #Dodgers fans.

SF Siren
Description: Does the noon warning system siren every Tuesday still catch you off guard and make you wonder if there was an earthquake or if there is a tsunami coming? If so, then you need to follow this account, which typically reminds followers that it was only a test.
Tweet: Feb 3: This time I'm crying for the 49ers.

The Bay Bridge
Description: In real life, the Bay Bridge may play second fiddle in popularity when matched up with the Golden Gate Bridge, but no other span in the Bay Area has anything on the grey monster when it comes to Twitter. The bridge has a unique view of goings-on on both sides of the Bay and everything in between.
Tweet: Nov. 5: If you're only going to wait in one exorbitantly long line tomorrow, make sure it's line for the voting booth, not line for my toll plaza.

Description: With the ocean and the Bay lapping at three sides of San Francisco, no one is really ever that far from the water. In case you need a reminder about that, or care to know tidbits like the water temperature at Ocean Beach (which is never tropical), this is the account to follow.
Tweet: April 23: Can we all switch from tweeting to writing messages in the sand? No need to edit, I'll eat your typos and mistakes. Gone forever in the sea.

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