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Best Place for 40somethings to Find Love San Francisco 2013 - Marina Blvd. Safeway

The script for finding love can grow stale. Prowling the bars can eventually feel like a juvenile exercise and trolling online dating sites can eventually feel forced. By a certain age, the whole process may seem more hassle than social, especially as the climb up the professional mountain hogs the evenings and weekends. Enter the Safeway in the Marina. A place of serendipity, comfort, and check-out lines. Where spontaneous interaction on a Tuesday night or Sunday afternoon can feel like fate. Where fellow cart-pushers are almost certainly gainfully employed, and quite possibly affluent. Where the smell of the Bay and the sight of the Golden Gate Bridge offer romantic, yet subtle, tone-setters. Keep your eyes peeled, don't press, and go ahead and ask that fine man/woman over in the dairy section what kind of cheese is best for carbonara.

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