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Best Place to Find Comically Oversize Carrots San Francisco 2013 - Manilla Oriental Market

Manilla Oriental Market

4175 Mission St.

San Francisco, CA 94112


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There's much to like at this Excelsior mainstay — including remarkably inexpensive beer and live seafood. But the most eye-catching feature is its cudgel-sized carrots. These Chernobyl vegetables often clock in at four inches wide at the base and more than a foot long. Toting one around inspires disbelieving expressions at an overtly phallic object seemingly ripped straight from low-grade adult films. The carrots, incidentally, are only 39 cents a pound — which only buys you half a carrot. Also, they're sweet and juicy. Hell, even that dialogue is ripped from low-grade adult films.

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