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Best Place to Make Your Troubles Disappear (or Learn to Saw a Woman in Half) San Francisco 2013 - Misdirections Magic Shop

Misdirections Magic Shop

Misdirections Magic Shop

1236 Ninth Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94122


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Time was, every town had at least one magic shop, but thanks to the rise of the Internet and the decline of retail, they're practically an endangered species. Misdirections has survived by helping to foster a community of magicians, while still serving the casual dabbler. It has all the usual card tricks, wolf whistles, whoopee cushions, magic wands and vanishing foam balls expected of a magic store. But it also has a magic club and lecture series that caters to the professional (or aspiring) conjurer. And, occasionally, the pros can be heard discussing their tricks in a small, mysterious room behind the counter.

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