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Best Place to Stroll in Naked and Walk Out Stylish San Francisco 2013 - Unionmade



493 Sanchez

San Francisco, CA 94114


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Granted, this problem may only arise for time-travelers and Terminators, but still: If anyone of the male persuasion ever finds themselves in San Francisco lacking all clothing and outfitting save for a diamond ring and/or a debit card, they ought to stumble straight into Unionmade. This shop in the Castro retails every layer of man-friendly outfits and accessories, from vintage-style boxer shorts to premium eyewear; it even carries bags, scarves, magazines, and collars for dogs. Given the store's focus on (nearly) timeless items, including chinos, denim work shirts, and leather boots, you're sure to look slick no matter what century you've arrived from. Landed gentry looking to fit into 2010s-era Boho chic may be the ideal customer, since Unionmade makes as hefty an impact on the wallet as the eyes. But hey — where else can a discerning dude walk in nude and walk out natty?
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