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Best Place to Watch Salespeople Hustle for Customers San Francisco 2013 - Wooden benches on Market and Jones

You've come to the right place. This is Market Street and Jones Street, San Francisco's booming open-air black-market bazaar. Whaddya need? There's a guy wheeling around a bike, another holding a laptop wrapped in a paper bag. One man's got a picnic blanket covered in VHS tapes and ratty hats, and a woman's got a plastic bag full of DVDs of '90s action films. Hungry? That group of women has some food, from the pantry, piled inside their carts. Nervous? Ron the Cigarette Man will hand you a loosey for a buck. But there's more! There's the guy selling bus transfer passes and moist towelettes and there's the big fella hawking $4 bracelets and there's the man in the bright suit with a case full of watches. And, of course, there's the top earners, over there on the corner, the young men slanging the weed, and maybe even some pills if you ask the right ones. So whaddya need?

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