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Best-Placed Director San Francisco 2013 - Evan Jackson Leong

Evan Jackson Leong didn't just get interested in basketball phenom Jeremy Lin when Lin came off the bench for the New York Knicks in February 2012, scoring like a madman and sparking Linsanity. Leong, a sixth-generation Chinese American and San Francisco native, heard about the Palo Alto native when he was playing basketball at Harvard. Leong, an MTV producer, caught by Lin's story and ability to dunk, wanted to make a documentary about the Asian-American basketball star, but Lin needed some convincing. Finally, when Lin was playing for the Golden State Warriors, he agreed, giving Leong access to his home videos as well as to his family and friends. Lin was struggling after getting cut from the Warriors and then the Houston Rockets, just as Leong was to get interest in his documentary. Then Linsanity hit, and the documentary got as hot as its subject, playing at Sundance where it was an audience favorite, and opening at San Francisco's CAAMfest, the first documentary to do so in more than 10 years.

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