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Best Podcast About Whores to Be Personally Endorsed by Ira Glass San Francisco 2013 - The WhoreCast

Earlier this year, threats of legal action from Chicago Public Media forced local podcaster, porn star, activist, musician, and part-time mermaid Siouxsie Q to change the name of her podcast from This American Whore to The Whorecast. She may have lost the name, but in exchange she got national press and an endorsement from Ira Glass himself, who called the show "charming." He couldn't have chosen a more apt descriptor. The Whorecast's cult following is largely due to Siouxsie Q's infectious charm when interviewing sexual outlaws like Maggie Mayhem and Poppy Cox. There have been some very touching, honest moments on Whorecast as well, such as when she and her partner, Jesse James, talked about telling his parents about her sex work. If, one day, parents discourage their kids from becoming investment bankers so they can grow up to be respectable, hard-working whores, it may be because of all that time listening to Whorecast.

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