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Best Potentially Plausible Buried Treasure Story San Francisco 2013 - The Grecian Statues at Sutro Heights Park

A Gold Rush swindler and a Gilded Age builder (who built a private Muni), Adolph Sutro is responsible for shaping much of the city's west side — and there may yet be some evidence buried beneath the footpaths where his clifftop mansion once stood. Fine classical-inspired Adonises, Artemises and others — copies of the originals seen in Europe — lined the parapet of Sutro's manse. But now all but two are gone. Legend says they were removed during World War II to discourage Japanese gunners and then buried in the sod overlooking the Pacific ... except nobody remembers exactly where. Government digs have unearthed some fragments, but check the dense foliage. There just might be a classical head hidden in the bush.

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Last October, I was walking down Ocean Beach, when I saw a young man sitting on the shore finishing his beer. He reached over, picked up this off white object, and carried it about knee deep into the water. With a sad endless glance toward the object and then to the ocean, he set the object in the water, and walked to climb to the top of a sandhill, perhaps to make sure no one disturbed the object. The only other person who saw him, a woman, looked over toward me, and we gave each other a "what is it?" look. The young man left, the tide brought the object closer to shore, it was the head of a statue. I wanted it so bad, but convinced myself, "He's getting rid of it for a reason." However, a minute after passing it by, I looked back, and someone was retrieving it. Damnit.

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