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Best Sex Educators San Francisco 2013 -

By Clarisse Thorn

Interested in sex? You're in luck, because you live in the sex education capital of the USA. There are so many sex educators crammed into San Francisco that we couldn't possibly call anyone the "best." But below, you're invited to discover five sexy teachers who give real good ed.

Prostate Player

Charlie Glickman

One of the best sex and gender blogs on the Internet belongs to Dr. Charlie Glickman, who spent 16 years at feminist sex toy store Good Vibrations. Now, Charlie writes and teaches full time, with a brand-new book on prostate pleasure.

Alternative Therapist

Dossie Easton

Starting with world-renowned polyamory book The Ethical Slut, Dossie Easton and her partner have written six famous books on BDSM and tantra. Now, Dossie offers single and/or couples therapy for all sexes, genders, relationship orientations, and spiritual travelers.

Performance Bondage
She began her career in the U.S. military, and now she's a bondage teacher. Coincidence? Perhaps not. Midori, who was born in Japan, specializes in teaching BDSM — especially rope usage. She also creates performance art that showcases her bondage skills.

Cuddles and Fights
Reid Mihalko
Ever hear about Cuddle Party — where participants learn about touch in a specifically non-sexual way? The workshop was invented by Reid Mihalko, who also has a history in martial arts. His years as a lecturer and actor prepared him well to teach about sex & relationships.

Tech Sex
Violet Blue
Although she has written about all kinds of topics in sexuality, controversial commentator Violet Blue is most famous for her tech coverage. The former SF Gate columnist loves discussing free speech on the Internet, hackers and sex, and the best-designed new sex toys.

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