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Best Theatrical Sideshow Company San Francisco 2013 - The Thrillpeddlers

This is not some sideshow; the Thrillpeddlers are the main event. But their joyful, tasteless camp is subversive like the freak shows of yore. They titillate perverse urges; they indulge forbidden fantasies. They glitter their unmentionables and tassel their sexual organs. They specialize in grisly deaths with lakes of fake blood, grislier sex scenes, and, in a recent and highly successful departure from their canon, Peter Weiss' Marat/Sade. Many of artistic director Russell Blackwood's performers are stars of SF's drag and burlesque scenes; others gleefully adopt the glamour and performativity of those genres, reminding the rest of us that if you don't explode your rules once in a while, you're not truly alive.

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