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Best Use of Silk Trapeze San Francisco 2013 - Labayen Dance/SF's Tears

Enrico Labayen's lament for his sister begins with tiny movements of the hand and foot — subtle signs of life that we seek in our departing loved ones. The dancers are sphinxes commanding silence, then break into individual phrases commemorating multiple moments and moods of life. The slap of their outspread arms against the floor is vulnerable and defiant, a reminder of our earthly origins — a reminder, too, that the floor is the dancer's tool, even as it is a barrier, holding us apart from what lies beneath. The tableau is completed by the limber Yuko Hata, iconic as a crucifix or quietly cocooned in white aerial silks, climbing, soaring, and spinning above the stage as those below transition from turmoil to resignation. Labayen Dance/SF performs Tears in its Fall Season Sept. 12-15 at ODC Theater.

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