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Best Warrior San Francisco 2013 - Stephen Curry

Ttthhhhrrreeeeeee...rrraaaaaaahhhhh! There is no sound in sports like the Oracle Arena roar when Steph Curry catches fire. It is a perfect marriage of player and city. Each three-point shot turns the crowd up another notch, until it seems the people can go no louder and then there goes another swoosh and it's like God turned on another speaker. Curry became a superstar during this season's playoff run — a Sports Illustrated cover boy emerging as the most exciting player in the NBA. He is one of the best shooters in basketball history and he can also break ankles and drop dimes like a Rucker Park Legend. He can shake a man in a phone booth, and barely needs any space to release his shot. He can slash into the pain at will, floating graceful finger rolls over seven-footers' outstretched arms. And when he hits one of his shooting streaks, the cheering starts before the ball even begins its descent into the net.

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