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Best Way to Catch a Buzz from Your Taco San Francisco 2013 - Tango & Stache

You may reconsider drinking as your primary cocktail delivery system after trying the food at bar pop-up Tango & Stache. Chef Joshua Oakley finds inspiration for his tacos in drinks at the bar, with dishes like Negroni pork belly tacos, Wild Turkey rye whiskey pulled pork nachos, and rum milk punch-braised shoulder tacos. Oakley, a former cook at Bar Bambino, Michael Mina, and Gary Danko, got the idea after an accident left him with a broken foot and a lot of time away from the kitchen. He comes armed with a griddle to make each tortilla for the tacos to order and an assortment of boozy condiments like whiskey pickled peppers and vermouth salsa. Now you finally have a choice as to how you enjoy a delicious drink: in a taco or in a glass? We recommend both.

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