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Best Way to Pass the Time When Dragged to Fisherman's Wharf by Out-of-Towners San Francisco 2013 - The Sardine Family Circus

The Bush Man might get all the press, but of all the groups performing at the Wharf, none can match the wit, athleticism, and sheer hilarity of the Sardine Family Circus. Born to a circus family in the U.K., Alex, Orion, and Meisje Griffiths grew up performing on the streets, and it shows. They've added and lost some members over the years — Orion is on sabbatical for a turn on Broadway — but the show hasn't missed a step. Their juggling, acrobatics, and ridiculous antics off of a 6-foot unicycle will have jaded San Franciscans and underdressed tourists cracking up in no time.

Photo by Frank Gaglione

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