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Best Alternative to Burning Man San Francisco 2014 - Camp Tipsy

Screw the desert. For seven years, the best weekend of the summer has been Camp Tipsy — a camping and boat-building extravaganza that happens around a California lake. Wait, boat-building? Yep. You camp by the lake, and during the day you find a big pile of junk the organizers have provided. You make boats out of that junk. For real. Then you sail them. For real. Many of them sink. Many of them float. All are hilarious — an armada of misfit boats. Nights center around concerts and campfires. Children are welcome, lifeguards are on hand, and this year The San Francisco Institute of Possibility has extended the event for a full week (July 7-13) — though the final weekend's where the action is. It's irrepressible fun, without the dust.

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