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Best Hackathon San Francisco 2014 - Science Hack Day at California Academy of Sciences

San Francisco certainly doesn't suffer from a dearth of Hackathons; in the past year alone, we've cloistered programmers overnight and instructed them to make apps to fight homelessness, promote a sustainable meat system, and even bridge hostilities along the Gaza Strip. The most productive of these is Science Hack Day, an annual event that draws bio-engineers, astrophysicists, space enthusiasts, 3D-print tinkerers, and other gadget impresarios to the Cal Academy. Last September, participants got to spend their first night sleeping among fish and sharks in the aquarium, then devoted the rest of the weekend to building machines that, ideally, would better society. It produced a new method for organ transplants, a motion sensor to detect life on Mars, and a panoply of other whiz-bang innovations.

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